Ms Dawn R. Burgess

Eye Health Clinic Bermuda

Dawn R. Burgess

Clinical Administrator / Certified Ophthalmic Technician

Ms Dawn Burgess is the clinical administrator at Eye Health Clinic Bermuda. She is a certified ophthalmic technician (COT), with a degree in Health Care Administration, post-graduate training in medical administration, and over 25 years’ experience in ophthalmology, both in the US and in Bermuda.

Dawn works at the heart of Eye Health Clinic Bermuda, co-ordinating all surgeries and operations as well as being personally involved in every patient’s eye care pathway. Dawn has a particular interest in ophthalmic biometry: the precise measurement of the eyes for fitting of the appropriate lens following cataract surgery, to ensure each client achieves their personal visual goals.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Dawn moved to Bermuda when she was fourteen years old.